Great review our main man!

Madonna’s new album MDNA is pretty good. I actually liked a couple tracks after the first two singles did nothing. “Im Addicted” “Gang Bang” and “Turn Up The Music” are first rate. I was a little annoyed with some of the teeny bop rhymes but the personal tracks made up for that. I also picked up The Neon Romeoz new album from Thank you Magnus Goethe for some hot slammin funk. “Acid Pants”, “Sexiness”, “Dance ..” and “Crybaby” are exceptional jems. I actually enjoyed this album alot more than MDNA. This is pretty much the equivalent of what the Time’s second reunion album should have sound like if they kept the whole thing old school. Lots of personality and much sass.

– K-e Tolbert

This Album is the BOMB!

The word is out! Some voices on the new album:
“So FUNKY!!! Lovin It!”

“This Album is the BOMB! Salvation for my hungry purple ears, relaxation for all of my funky senses, I love it dearly … Thank you for sharing such a masterpiece of wonderful music with us!”

“Approved! To be described in one word: Neosoulpsychofunkadelica!
Andre Cymone meets Morris, Prince, Bootsy … Hard to name any favorits on here, the whole album is a blast”

“Mother To All Mothers has a strong Bootsy ballad vibe. It’s a future funk ballad.
Throughout you’ll be reminded of the Time and 1981-1983 era Prince.The sound is pure retro 1980’s, and thats all good with me.
It sounds like it could be a long lost Funk album from 1984.
Really love it!”

“so far this is my one and only favorite album of the year”

“I was so driven by the vibes that I had to get into my car, the only place I can listen to music full volume. I havent done driving around just because of listening pleasure since Prince’s 2010 album appeared, 2 years ago.”